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Site back after server crash!
Finally the movitool site is back on-line after server hard disk crash. Unfortunately not all data were backupped, so not all firmware versions are available at the moment. I'll repack and re-release as soon as possible. I'm sorry.

Mailserver was lost on the server hard disk crash too. I apologize if I didn't respond to some mail. At the moment I still have to recover the last 3 months mails.

MoviTool is the movinand.bin manipulation tool for Samsung H1(I8320)/M1(I6410) firmwares.

There is also a small section for usefull scripts about movinand disk image management.


Extra research contents

Here some info on RFS filesystem and XSR. (With my research notes)
Here my M1 custom firmwares. (2015 New beta one with many new features!)
Here my S3C6410 toolchains.
Here my J4FS porting on 3.1.x kernel
Here ius 's  J4FS files extration tool
Here my  porting of TangoGPS on GT-i6410 -- New 2012 subproject (First beta build will be included in GT-i6410_Nitro_004 as no more working Vodafone 360 Maps replacement)


For more info or any suggestion mail me at:
movitool [at] ntd [dot] homelinux [dot] org

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